• The Feed

    Format: Nightly News Broadcast
    Network: SBS 2
    Production Company: SBS
  • The Poker Star

    Format: Reality TV Series
    Network: ONE HD
    Production Company: Radical Media
  • Codgers

    Format: Feature
    Directors: Wayne Harrison and Grant Dodwell
    Production Company: Reelplay Media
  • Meatwork

    Format: Documentary
    Network: ABC 2
    Production Company: Projector Films

Short Films

  • The First Date

    Writer/Director: Luke Shanahan
    Producer: Mark Foster
    Production Company: Robber's Dog
  • Scission

    Writer/Director: Matthew Goodrich
    Producer: Julian Vincent Costanzo
    Production Company: Pandamonium Productions
  • Catch Perfect

    Director: Raphael Elisha
    Producer: Kirsty Fuller
    Production Company: Angels Inc.
  • Boston Tommy

    Director/Producer: Blake Borcich
    Writer: Hugh Jellie
    Production Company: LaRoda Films


  • Noah Earp

    Track: Bound for Glory
    Project: Ode to Plan B (LP)
    Released: 2014
  • Lester the Fierce

    Track: Colours
    Project: Self-titled (EP)
    Released: 2013
  • Harry Coulson's Rain Dogs

    Track: Viola
    Project: Self-titled (LP)
    Released: 2014
  • The Davidson Brothers

    Track: Fiddlin' Foursome
    Project: Single
    Released: 2013


  • Circle Story

    Client: Cisco Systems
    Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
    Production Company: Finch
    Director: Christopher Riggert
  • Fire at the Old Well

    Client: Export Gold - DB Breweries
    Agency: Colenso BBDO
    Production Company: Finch
    Director: Nick Ball
  • Hero of the High Seas

    Client: Carnival Cruise Lines
    Agency: Host
    Production Company: Robber's Dog
    Director: Luke Shanahan
  • Game Show

    Client: Zalando
    Agency: Jung von Matt
    Production Company: Radical Media
    Director: Nick Ball


  • Music
  • 2014 AXIS Awards - Export Gold "Fire at the Old Well"
    Best Original Music (Bronze)
  • 2014 AWARD Awards - Export Gold "Fire at the Old Well"
    Best Original Music (nom.)
  • 2013 APRA/AGSC Screen Music Awards - Catch Perfect
    Best Music for a Short Film (Win)
  • 2012 APRA/AGSC Screen Music Awards - Boston Tommy
    Best Music for a Short Film (nom.)
  • 2010 APRA/AGSC Screen Music Awards - The Poker Star Theme
    Best Theme for a TV Series (nom.)
  • 2009 MADC Awards - Leaseplan "Otto"
    Best Original Music (Bronze)
  • Productions
  • 2014 AWARD Award - Export Gold "Fire at the Old Well"
    TVC Over 30 Seconds (Bronze)
  • 2013 Cannes Lions - The Truel
    Young Director Award (nom.)
  • 2012 Digital Emmy Awards - The Great Crusade
    Best Program - Fictional (nom.)
  • 2012 Cannes Lions - The Great Crusade
    Branded Content and Entertainment (Gold)
  • 2011 Canberra/2012 Adelaide Short Film Festivals - Murder Mouth
    Best Documentary (Win)
  • 2011 Tropfest - Falling Backwards
    Best Short Film (finalist)